Popular and most-used HTML Attributes

By | December 4, 2020
html tags and their attributes

Popular and most-used HTML Attributes

Popular and most-used HTML Attributes

To know HTML Attributes, we first need to know about HTML tags. Because the HTML properties work within the HTML tags. With HTML attributes, we can do some extra work specified in a tag. We can help HTML tags with attributes. I’ve already made a post about HTML tags. Hope you have a good idea about HTML tags. The HTML attributes are used inside the HTML Start tag. HTML attributes are fundamental. Moreover, some tags do not work well without Gula HTML attributes. So we need to have a good idea about the attributes of HTML. Today we will discuss some important and popular HTML attributes. Another type of attribute is Global Attributes. These attributes are used as a common attribute. Below are some Global Attributes.

Where to use HTML Attributes.

HTML properties are used in a specific location—attributes used in tags. The HTML attributes are used in the HTML Start tag. We need to follow a few specific rules to use HTML features. The HTML attributes are only used in HTML start tags. Now we need to know what the function of the attributes is? The functionality of the attributes is to support HTML tags. Below are a few steps to use the HTML attributes.

Step 1:

To use the HTML properties, we must first decide what we want to do with the HTML tags. To use the HTML attributes, we first need to have a clear idea of ​​some of the rules. We first need to know the name of the multiplier. This is what we want to do. Once we know the name, we need to know what we want to do with those qualities and their value. For example: If you call a <h2> tag, you must first enter the attribute’s name with a space in the <h2> start tag, as the style attribute is used for coloring. We need to write the style attributes and the interior of the double quotation marks with the front sign that we want to do.

Step 2:

We have to write like below.
<h2 style = “color: red”> This is the title </h2>
Here is the name of the style attribute and the color style attribute’s property, and the red attribute’s value.
We just need to use the <h2 style = “color: red”> this title </h2>. Now the question is how to use one side of the property with just one cm column. <h2 style = “color: red; font-size: 15px;”> This is the title </h2> just like that. Another question that may come to your mind now is how to use an attribute. <h2 style = “color: red; font-size: 15px;” Title = “This is the title”> This is the title </h2> We need to use an HTML feature like this. Only after the end of one feature can the mother write another feature with Spa.


This attribute is used within the <a> tag. Because <a> creates a link with the tag. And the href attribute tells you where to go when you click on the link created with the <a> tag. For example: <a href=”https://www.googel.com”> Visit google </a> Now clicking on this link will take you to Google.com. Because we have Google’s link inside href.


This feature indicates the image’s location in the <img> tag where the image is located. For example, this <img> tag will not work without this attribute.


This is Global Attributes. Works fairly well on all tags with this attribute. The job of this tag is to do inline CSS separately. With this attribute, we can design CSS within a single tag. This style attribute has many properties, and a tag can be well designed using them.


This is Global Attributes. This attribute is used in the <abbr> tag. These attributes are used to know the full form of a short word. For example: <abbr title = “Bangladesh”> BD <abbr> Now, when someone moves the mouse over the BD, the text Bangladesh will appear as the full form of the BD. Moreover, these attributes can be used in almost all tags.


This is Global Attributes. This attribute is used as the selector of CSS. Class attributes can be used multiple times in one tag.


This attribute is the attribute of the <form> tag. The <from> tag has no roots without this attribute. Because after submitting the form, it is told where to go through the action attributes.


This attributes works by automatically turning on <video> or <audio> tags. It is used in both video and audio tags. But this attribute will not work without browser support.


This is a global attribute. This attribute can be used in almost all tags. But it can only be used once on a tag. It cannot be used once. It acts as a selector of CSS or JavaScript.


This is a global attribute. The job of this attribute is to hide a tag. This is also the property of CSS.


This is a global attribute. It usually tells you what the language of a webpage will be.

HTML has many more features. However, many features are the property of CSS. And when you do CSS separately, those features will no longer need to be used. Because things can be done with CSS, they do not need to be HTML because it is not standard. Many features can be used as a feature of the style. When we learn CSS after learning HTML, we realize that there is no need to do inline CSS in HTML. Inline CSS is done with style attributes. The attributes discussed today are more commonly used when working as developers on our webpage. Moreover, if you want to be a professional worker, you must have a good HTML attribute idea. Because if you want to do something good, you have to learn with time. If you have any problems understanding the HTML attributes that we have discussed today, you can comment. I will try to answer the problem very soon.

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