Popular and most-used HTML tags

By | December 4, 2020
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Popular and most-used HTML tags

Popular and most-used HTML tags

HTML is a markup language. First markup a website’s webpage with HTML. The latest version of HTML is HTML5. The HTML 5 version has about 110 tags, of which 32 are important. There are some tags in HTML tags that are used a lot. We will know the details about all those tags today. Let me know how to use HTML tags and what they do. For example, a tag that starts with <h1> and ends with </h1> must end with a tag that starts with.

How many types of tags are there?

One of the two most common types of tags is the start tag and the other is the end tag. Usually, the beginning of the tag is also the end of the tag, but HTML5 has some tags that take the last tag. However, their initial tag can be given with the last tag (/). I will discuss this in detail below.

The original HTML tag should be given below.
<html> </html> This tag will contain all the tags.
This title contains some logical tags.
<body> </body> users will see the output of the tags in this tag.

Below are some common tags that need to be used.
<header> </header> This tag is usually the first one inside the <body> </body> tag. And inside it is the code of the header section of various web pages.
<section> </section> This tag is usually followed by <header> </header> inside the <body> </body> tag. This tag usually contains the code for the part of the web page.
<footer> </footer> This tag is usually followed by <section> </section> inside the <body> </body> tag. This tag usually contains the code at the end of the webpage.

<meta> This tag is used inside the head tag. This tag fills in some of the formalities of the website. There is no end tag for this tag.

<style></style> We use this tag to separate the CSS on the HTML page. And it is to write inside the hate tag.

There are some tags that don’t take the last tag. We have no problem with all the tags that work normally except for the last tag. However, if we want to make it stronger, we can end all tags with (/) at the end of the text. Tags that do not have the last tag.

HTML 5 tag list?

<h1> to <h6>
These tags are used to give different types of titles to a website.
<h1> </h1> is the biggest title but it also has one condition and that is that it can be used only once on the web page.
From <h2> to <h6> they are <h2> </h2> slightly smaller <h1> </h1> again <h2> </h2> to <h3> </h3> slightly smaller <h6> </h6> This is how it will go. But the funny thing is that all the tags up to <h2> to <h6> can be used as many times as you want.

<p></p> Tags are used to write paragraphs. This is a popular tag and this tag is used on many web pages. And there is no limit to what you can use and you can use it as many times as you want.

<a></a> This tag is used to create links between text or images on a webpage.

<abbr></abbr> This tag is used to abbreviate the details of a word or a large word. For example, BD is the short form of Bangladesh. Now not everyone can understand BD, so now if I say with the <abbr> </abbr> tag in my BD, the full form of it is Bangladesh, then everyone will understand.

<video></video> This tag is usually used to use video on a webpage.

<audio></audio> This tag is usually used to access audio on a webpage.

<i></i>and<em> </em> The work of these two tags is almost the same. The function of this tag is to make any text look a bit like italics. We can use anyone at work.

<u></u> This tag is used to underline a line.

<strong></strong>and<b></b>  These two tags work almost identically. Total or bold a text with this tag.

<table></table> We see different types of tables on many web pages and we use this tag to use those types of tables on web pages. There are other tags inside the table tag without which the table tag will not work. One of them is the heading of a table with the <th></th> tag. Then <td></td> the value of the <th> </th> tag is written with this <td></td> tag.

<form> </form> A form is created with this tag. This tag contains various types of input tags. Moreover, there are many types of these <input> tags.
This takes no end tag of the <input> tag.
But inside the form tag, we use another tag and that is the <select> tag. Use the <option> tag inside<select></select>. And they can use more tags. This takes no end tag of the <option> tag. Only the most used tags are discussed here.

<sub></sub> This tag is usually used to lower any word in a line text.

<sup></sup> This tag is used to move a word in a line a little higher.

<br> This tag is used to distance one tag from another. This usually works as an enter  ‍Place. We can use this tag wherever there is an enter  Place. This tag has no end tag.

<hr> This tag is used to draw a parallel line.

<iframe> </iframe> This tag is used in a specific place where one website can be used on another website. Moreover, with this tag, we can use maps of different places.

<img> With this tag we use pictures on a webpage.

<address></address> This tag is used to write an address on a website’s webpage.

<mark></mark> This tag is used to lighten any text in a line. As a result, the text will catch everyone’s eye.

<pre></pre> This tag means that the output will be displayed exactly as the content is written inside this tag.

<q></q> This tag uses quotations on both sides of a paragraph.

<ul> </ul> and <ol> </ol>
These two tags are used to create a list. One is the order list and the other is the on-order list. But inside these two tags, one has to use a common tag. <li> </li> This tag is to be used.

<! —-> This tag is used to comment on any text. Many places are marked with this tag in writing.

HTML 5 contains more tags. The tags we have written are the most used tags. When you work with these tags, these tags will always come to mind when you need to use a tag. Moreover, if you want to be a professional web developer, you need to know how to use all the tags.

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